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Shamanic Drumming Circle

“Before we had language, we had rhythm"
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In 2014, I decided to take myself off on a holiday with a difference - to study the Cherokee Indians. I did this in Stanstead where there is a college called “The Arthur Findlay College”, holding something called “The Shamanic week”.  

All my life I have had a fascination with the American Indians, I cried the first time I watched the film “Dances With Wolves” and could not understand why. (My village Chanteloup translates as “Singing Wolf” ). Anyway, so off I went for a jolly.

The first day Maureen Murnam offered me a drum to play… I panicked and said “I am not musical” she laughed and off she went. That week around 30 of us from all over the world drummed together. It was awesome and life changing. So much so, I returned to France, bought myself a drum and played alone. It was not the same without the others.

The following year Maureen arrived in Rennes and myself and a group of French people were shown how to run a drum circle. Since then I bought my first seven drums which I have given the chakra colours of the rainbow. Maureen explained to us the “The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy” (You can “Google” the story) this story explained a lot to me. So in my adult drum circle we use the drums to activate the chakras (endocrine glands) with vibration and sounds alongside colour. As we drum we become more grounded (the drums are deer skin – an animal is naturally grounded) and are able to connect with the earth.

It is very difficult to put the mental mind into gear when you drum (not a bad thing!) Every month myself and some lovely french people drum as a group, sing, use chakra sounds, practice healing with the drums to release emotions and pain and generally have a good time. From time to time English people join us. The drum allows us to connect without language as it has a language all of its own. As we drum together we vibrate at the same frequency (eventually) so we connect on a similar wavelength.

The message is that with time, more and more of us will realise the importance of our connection to the earth and each other. Drumming is fantastic for rebuilding community spirit, rebuilding relationships with those around us, such as friends family or work colleagues.

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Drumming can:
* Have a huge impact on our lymphatic system
* Rebuild our emotional health
* Centre and ground you in your body
* Provide natural pain control
* Promotes the production of endorphins
* Reverse the hormone stress response
* Increase the natural killer cell activity to improve immunity
* Balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain (great for stroke patients)
* Reduce stress/tension and anxiety instantly
* Greatly relieve depression
* Helps Alzheimer’s patients connect with loved ones
* Improves symptoms of Parkinsons disease
* Builds community spirit within the drum group

WORKSHOP: Rainbow Warrior Drum Circle

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month:         Chanteloup village salle 79320
                                                                 3pm to 4.30pm
                                                                 Maximum 7 participants
                                                                 Price 15€ includes drum hire
                                                                 Please bring water and wear clothes/shoes appropriate for sport

This workshop is a healing workshop where we use the drums to release physical pain and emotional stress. It is a very lighthearted group where I encourage laughter yoga with the drums to release tension and uplift the mood of the whole group. We meditate, we use emotional freedom technique and we often add some tribal music to the session. All in all a good time is had by all. It is very popular and you need to contact me to reserve your place.
This is held in french but everyone is welcome.  Thank you!

To reserve your place please contact Pamela by email or call 05 49 65 55 25 or or 07 80 41 46 15.

I also hold another drum circle for children every month in Chanteloup salle - please contact me for more details.

WORKSHOP: Laughter Yoga with the Shamanic Drum

Every 2nd Thursday of the month:            Puny village salle 79320
                                                                 6pm to 7pm
                                                                 Maximum 20 participants
                                                                 Price 5€ (This is donated to various animal charities)
                                                                 Please bring water and wear clothes/shoes appropriate for sport

This workshop is well established and all the participants are usually french but everyone is welcome. It is advisable to ring me to reserve your place as this is very popular - I have only 14 drums and 6 sets of marakas !
For more information please contact me. Thank you!

To reserve your place please contact Pamela by email or call 05 49 65 55 25 or or 07 80 41 46 15.

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