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Testimonials for Buteyko Breathing

"BUTEYKO, I think:
 B like Beauty - U like Unavoidable - T like Terrific - E like Energy - Y like Youth - K like Keeping healthy - O like Ought to try it everybody!

Pam is great! I started last November and highly recommend Pam to teach you the Buteyko philosophy and breathing techniques. The exercises are very easy to do anywhere anytime. Do not hesitate! Have a go! Your health is worth it!”
Lydie Bisleau

"I have been looking for someone to teach me the Buteyko method for quite some time now. I suffer from asthma and this method is very effective in dealing with this disease. I found Pamela's name among the certified practitioners of this method in France. 

I made an appointment with her for September 7-11. She dedicated the whole mornings to teaching me this breathing method. For me, it felt like being trained to breathe again. Pamela taught me the importance of breathing properly.
Many chronic diseases happen because of poor breathing. 

Pamela is very generous during teaching. She gave me not only her time but also information and physical exercises on top of the Buteyko method. She is patient and knew how to encourage me to do the exercise correctly. 

Now it's my duty to practice the exercises of the Buteyko Method to get rid of my asthma or at least to keep it under control without medication. (This is my personal goal, I must say!)"

Lena Est

"For a number of years now I have been going to Pamela for a massage. About two years or so ago, I noticed that Pamela was gradually losing weight and she told me about Buteyko. I have been trying to lose some weight with Intermittent fasting, i.e. no breakfast, but found it hard, especially feeling hungry. I eat mainly vegetarian and healthy, homemade food.

I started looking Buteyko up on the internet and became interested, also for hopefully helping with other health issues, but saw that a personal training week was not possible here in France and I did not want to do it on Skype. Then Pam told me that she was going to study the Buteyko Course herself to become a certified teacher. So I said that I would wait for her to finish and that I would be one of her first clients.

I started my instruction week halfway through January and had some follow up sessions before lock-down. I have lost 10 kg of weight and am still losing, very slowly now, for I must be close to my “normal” weight/height ratio…So for me, the Intermittent fasting was helping, but together with Buteyko, and keeping to it more strictly, made it that much easier, I did not feel the cravings I used to have, especially in the evening and without the hardship I lost weight regularly over the months.

The best thing is I feel so much better, I wish I had done this years ago and now I will continue with my exercises for this is more of a lifestyle."

"I took the Buteyko training with Pamela in July 2019, and since then I regularly practice the breathing exercises that I have learned. The benefits are numerous. I have a lot more breath than before (I can easily run a hundred meters without any change in my breathing - I continue to breathe quietly through my nose even though I hardly do any sport), my sleep is deeper, my bowel movements much more regular, my nose and sinuses are almost always clear (and if they get blocked, Pamela showed me how to clear them easily and quickly), I learned to breathe using my diaphragm and manage my emotions through breathing.  But, one must be prepared to practice the exercises regularly so that they become an integral part of the routine. Nothing is given! I also think that I am in better health because I have not fallen ill since this training. Thanks Pamela!”
Christine Bienz

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