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Pamela Irving

Holistic Therapist

learning to find the natural you
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Learning to Find the Natural You

Mind, Body and Spirit Connection
Two Day workshop, 85€ per day
Next Workshop Date: Monday 25th/Tuesday 26th February 2019

* Learn a simple form of connection to spirit
* How to understand the conscious and subconscious mind
* Learn a form of hypnosis for home use
* Understand how to “read” your body and its messages in relation to your health
* Learn about the importance of posture and body language
* Discuss the chakras in relation to our glandular system
* Methods of lymphatic drainage and its importance in health
* Discover how to connect to Hara and its importance in your health
* An overview of the Aura and energy practices for home use and protection
* You will learn how to become fully grounded to Mother Earth

The aim of this workshop is for all who attend it to realise that anyone has the ability to connect with spirit, discover the amazing potential of the body and its healing powers and realise the ability of the mind over matter in health. We will show you how to relate to your own body in a way you may never have realised before and really become your body’s friend! This will create the path to excellent health for the future and secure your happiness at the same time.

To be held at 11 Le Patis, 79320 Chanteloup. To reserve your place please contact Pamela by email or telephone.

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